Handheld Edgebanders

A few quick thoughts on whether a handheld edgebander is a worthwhile tool for a serious shop. April 19, 2015

Iím looking at the hand held edgebanders with a pot on them. Has anyone used one and if so do you have any advice to offer?

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From contributor F:
I would be hesitant to buy one of these without at least seeing a demonstration in person. My comments are directed to smaller edgebanders in general. However, I have owned a compact glue pot bander from a well-known company which shall remain nameless, and it certainly had its quirks. I will put it this way, it was an excellent learning experience and I quickly moved on.

Some considerations:
1. I would try to see a demonstration in person. Even better, see if you can get some hands on experience.

2. Have them demonstrate that it can run all materials that are within its advertised capabilities. Not just whatever is easy to work with for demonstration purposes.

3. Check adhesion on these samples. Especially at the ends, and make sure it is excellent.

4. Finally try to get hands on experience. Can you get the same results, as the demonstrator? They might make it look easy, but will you get the same results?

From contributor H:

Unless you are really not a cabinet shop this is a toy. By the time you pay for this new you could have afforded a good used machine. There are just too many real banders on the used market. If you think you need edge banding ability look elsewhere. I did think their hand routing accessories were innovative. For contoured edges it might be the one place it would be useful.

From the original questioner:
My CNC router took a crane to get it off the truck, so I am not interested in toys. I have experience with a lot of Virutex tools and they are not toys. I need a quick solution before I pull the trigger on a CNC router/bander or Vitap semi auto.

From contributor Z:
I have seen several at shows and they are impressive for contoured work. They can apply 3mm and the accessories are well integrated to give a really nice finished product. Few large machines can do a perfect job anyway on 3mm unless they are in the 50k range. Is this for occasional curved work? I think they fit that market well, but not for continual straight work.