Heat Issues with Turbine Air Supply and HVLP Sprayers

The rumored heat problems with air-supply turbines aren't actually such a big deal. March 29, 2008

I am looking to switch from spraying with a compressor to a turbine system. I do a great deal of onsite spraying and it simply is too loud for most areas I work in (hotels, resorts, etc).

I spray mainly Oxford WB lacquer and I heard that a turbine system produces so much heat in the hose it causes the finish to almost dry before in hits the object, resulting in a powdered looking coating. Can you elaborate on this for me, and guide me to a decent manufacturer? So far I have seen the turbine system from Lemmer, but I have not heard much of this company. I would prefer something with a pressure pot where I do not have to stop and fill the gun every time.

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From contributor P:
The story about hot air from the turbine causing problems with water-base (or any other finish) is way overly exaggerated. I've sprayed lots of water-base with turbines and it works fine. It helps to have a powerful motor and a well made, long air hose. A strong 3 or 4 stage turbine motor will provide enough air at the spray gun for good atomization and fluid flow and a long hose will dissipate a lot of the heat before it gets to the spray gun.

There are a number of very good turbine brands and some come with the pressure pot set-up on the higher end units. For quiet operation, the Fuji is far ahead of the others. And it's a very good system as well but I'm not sure if they offer a pressure pot. Some other brands to consider are Accuspray, Turbinaire, Graco, and Capspray (Wagner).

From contributor T:
I totally agree. Anytime air is compressed, it heats up. But when it expands, as it does at the nozzle, it cools back down. Turbine supplied air is warmer than compressor supplied air, but it is not hot.

Target Coatings used to have a very good paper on their web site by Jerry Work in which he evaluated two turbine spray systems using WB coatings. You may still find it there. If not give them a call and see if they'll send you a copy.

From contributor C:
I have been using a Fuji 3 stage with Target products for about a year now. I agree with contributor P about the heat issue; it's never been a problem for me. As far as the noise, the one I have is not the quiet version and it sounds just like a large shop vac. It would probably benefit you to get the quiet version. If I could do it over again I would also opt for the 4 stage over the 3.

From contributor J:
Ditto on the Fuji turbine and the lack of problems with the heat. Get the Q4 and you'll be very happy. I once called Fuji and talked with Paul Smith, the owner, and he explained how to set the Fuji system up with a pressure pot. I upgraded to AAA before I could ever set it up but Paul said it works great.

From contributor A:
I've had a Turbinaire for 3 years and have sprayed many gallons of WB (Target, MLC, Fuhr, General Finishes) through it with no problem. No major problems with the gun or the turbine unit. Great tech support from Turbinaire, too.

From contributor M:
A lot of excess heat is built up in the hose on most systems when the trigger is not pulled. Accuspray figured out decades ago that they needed to put in a relief valve at the turbine to exhaust the air when the trigger is not pulled. The air coming out of an Accuspray turbine is barely warm. I would think it is actually helping versus hurting the spraying process. I've sprayed hundreds of gallons of WB (including Oxford) and never had a problem related to the air.

From contributor Y:
I made the switch to AAA and before that I had two Binks Mach1's and before that I set up a Fuji Q3 and pot. I only ran about 20-30 gallons through the Fuji, then I got a larger compressor and bought two Mach1's.

The Fuji and pot worked fine; I just needed more and faster production and continued that quest until I bought a Kremlin. I've had the Fuji and pot stored in a cabinet for about four years.

From contributor B:
I have the Fuji Q4 and have been very happy with it. Bought the 6' flexible hose whip - makes spraying inside areas very easy. I shoot mainly Target WB coatings. Sprayed some doors with Minwax waterbased poly and the finish literally came out like glass. Target's WB lacquer looks excellent as well.

From contributor R:
I have an Apollo 1200 with two turbines plus a 1/16hp compressor for the 2qt pressure pot. I don't think you can have a remote pot without a compressor of some kind. Of course, a 1/16hp (like for airbrushes) isn't going to be noisy at all - drowned out by the turbines. Heat was always a problem for me and waterbased finishes. It seems that if the customer doesn't like the noise, he should pay for offsite finishing and if that's not possible, then he should quit bellyaching.