Heat considerations in solar kilns

Solar kilns get hot enough to handle some aspects of lumber drying, but not all of them. March 6, 2000

All the dicussions about solar kilns have me real interested.
I've looked at several, and being in South Louisiana, they should be usable most of the year. My question: Do solar kilns get hot enough to kill pests and set the sap in pine, or should one look into some other way of performing these tasks?

They will not set the sap; you need to get to 170 or 180 degrees F or hotter.
Gene Wengert, forum moderator

They will get to 130 F on a warm sunny day and therefore will sterilize the wood in most cases without any trouble after a few days of such hot temperatures.

Approximately how long does the wood need to stay at these elavated temperature to set the sap?

Depends on species and size of the wood, but about 24 hours.