Heavy Solid-Wood Gate Details

Hinges are the easy part. April 24, 2012

One of my builders dropped the drawings off for two 8' solid mahogany gates. 90% of the gates are 4''x4'' frame, 3 1/2'' diagonal brace, arched tops, 6' tall. Looks like a fun job. My main concern is the weight and ability to find a really heavy duty hinge.

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From contributor J:
I'll be the first to admit that I don't know a darn thing about gates or doors, but my initial reaction would be to have at it. I'm sure you'll end up using multiple (4 + ?) hinges. I couldn't tell you where to find such HD hinges, but hell we've been making heavy doors for thousands of years across the world. Somebody has to have one. Just don't forget to have something beefy to hang the gates and hinges on!

From contributor D:
It is all about the wood, the glue and the joinery. Hinges are the easy part - Rixson or similar. Large mortise and tenons, epoxy, proper woods and a strategy to shed water will work together for best life, low maintenance.

From contributor M:
If weight is an issue, but you want a solid wood look, try Sing Honeycomb panels. Our patented veneer/foam core reduces the weight and increases the strength of your door. You can have the beauty of natural wood with the endurance and precision of honeycomb.