Hinge Hole Repair in Melamine

Pros suggest ways to patch a blown-out hinge mortise. September 22, 2005

I am completing a re-facing job (roughly 40 doors) and all is great except for one hinge. I had to move the hinge up 5/16" on the inner cabinet to accommodate for a reposition of the door. The holes were too close and one blew out and the hinge is loose. I figure that bondo should work to patch but I will need to re-drill and then re-mount the hinge. I can't move the hinge on the door side because they are all soft maple stained/pre drilled. Is there a better way or a better product to use for a melamine patch that will allow me to re-drill and re-mount? Any help would be much appreciated.

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From contributor F:
You sure can’t hang a door from bondo. As this is on the inside of a cabinet, I would swallow mortise in a piece of solid wood or at least some melamine that is at least as thick as the penetration of the hinge plate screws. You can always laminate some white p-lam on a solid wood patch. I would think your client can be understanding that things wont be perfect on a reface.

From contributor R:
I agree with what Contributor F said. I use to work in a maintenance shop for out local school district. I did a lot of door repairs like this. I used a small router to make the mortise and glued in solid wood.

From contributor J:
Would it be possible to use a 5mm x 13mmm or 15mm euroscrew after pre-boring? Or a face frame hinge plate, to allow different placement of the screws and cover the blowout at the same time.

From contributor T:
I'd use epoxy putty, it comes in a clear tube and has a hardener core with the resin over it like a jelly roll. Cut off a piece, knead it together and press in place. Sand flat in the first 15 minutes or it will be as hard as, well, solid epoxy. Then paint and be done with it. Yes it will hold screws, and make sure to pre-drill. Boat suppliers carry it. I'd do it with the hinge in place, and push the screw in before it sets up.