Hiring Outside Salesman


From original questioner:

I have reached the point where I can no longer give my customers the time they deserve. Currently I do all the sales & drawings for our shop. I am looking to hire a salesman. how are most custom cabinet salesmen compensated? Salary, commission, or a combination of the two. Is it unrealistic to expect a salesman to be involved in the design process? We are a small shop(about 1 million yearly sales) most of our people wear more than 1 hat. Any advise would be appreciated.

From contributor Al

You might want to consider hiring someone to do the drawings and you continuing the sales end of the business.
A good salesperson will want to make a decent wage and its hard to get enough from part of one million in sales and have the commission /salary /draw be fair unless you put them on payroll and have them do other work when they are following up on leads.

The other issue you need to be prepared for is if the salesperson is good and starts bringing in more work you need the capacity from the office through the shop to deliver in a reasonable amount of time.


From contributor ro

Sales is your lifeblood. Don't focus on what others are doing but focus on how to make your sales position attractive to the right person.

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