Holzher Edgebander


From original questioner:

We are looking at a new edgebander and am wondering if any of you have used the Holzher cartridge glue system and what your experience was like. I am looking at a model 1329 or an Arcus.

Thank you

From contributor Ja

I have ran Holz-Her's for almost 20 yrs. I don't have a comparison as that is all I have ran, but no major complaints on machines produced up until about 2004. I have not ran any of the newer machines, but all the ones I ran had cartridges. I like it. Not as much mess and fuss as I understand pots can be. Use Dorus glue for best results IMO. Jowat works but is very fussy about temperature changes and I would occasionally have adhesion issues. The nozzle seemed to clog much more with Jowat as well, though I don't understand why that would be. Dorus just works, and my nozzles almost never get clogged. Not worth the pennies saved to use something other than Dorus IMO. We are a smallish shop, only running parts through bander 3-5 hours a day on average in my current shop. Previously, in a bigger shop, commercial only, they performed very well in that environment as well.

My current machine 1411-3 (2001), does just fine, keep things dialed in with good setup, sharp tooling, and you should get good parts every day

From contributor Ge

We have a 2006 1310-6 and have a hopper to use pellet glue. We have never used a cartridge and don't have the hopper to use them. It has worked well for us for 5 years now. The pellets are a little less money and give you more options for glues.
We have always used Dorus and have found no reason to consider changing. I had a Cehisa bander with a glue pot and I must say I don't miss cleaning the glue pot. The other feature of the Holzher I like is it is quick to heat up to operating temp.


From contributor La

We have two banders: an industrial level IDM that automatically keeps the pot filled and a HolzHer that uses cartridges. Both work fine but you have to keep an eye on the cartridges because the run out pretty quick. I like the fast heat if you just need to run a few panels. We use Dorus on both machines. The HolzHer drools some glue and they provide a scraper to get it off. Do it everyday. Once in a rare while a nozzle will get plugged. If set up properly a glue pot machine really isn't a big deal to keep clean. Every 3 months we take the upper part of the tower off and clean it. Never have needed to clean the pot. The glue hopper holds enough to run all day, about 1400 panels.

From contributor De

I had a Holzher 1315 for 8 years. Never had any real issues and always ran. Im very picky about banding and we were constantly adjusting to get the best finish. Now have a Biesse Akron and we.never have to touch it.the glu pot.requires the same about the same amount of.maintenance as the cartridge. I.wouldn't do.a.Holzer.again

From contributor Ge

It sounds like you are comparing an old Holzher that is not in the same price range with a newer Biesse and suggesting because the newer Biesse requires less adjustment than the old Holzher that Holzhers are not as good a machine?

I think you you need to compare 2 current model machines in the same price range to determine if one is better than the other.


From contributor De

I understand they are different level machines. I was trying to be nice. After having both i would not go back to the cartridge and nozzle system. The problem with the nozzle is that it squirts the glue out and and its adjusted through a series of holes. When the adjustment is in the middle of a hole you get to much or not enough never the right amount. With a glue pot the board passes by the roller and takes what it needs no extra on top or to little. I also had an issue with the way the nozzle applies the glue and it telegraphing through with thin tape. Yes my Holzher was cheaper than my current machine but for $45,000 it shouldn't have been the p.o.s. that it was. The 2 happiest days of that machine were the day i got it and the day i put it on the truck. After i had it a week i knew i had made a mistake. Warm up time isnt an issue after you start it for the day.

From contributor Ge


Each to his own I guess. I have never seen the problems you describe but it sound like your glue is not hot enough or your pressure roller is not set correctly. I don't profess to know which bander is better in any price range but I found the glue nozzle system to be a lot less hassle than the glue pot.

YMMV of course,

From contributor to

Thank you for the responses. I am not certain if I got any real help other than some love it and some don't. Everyone has an opinion and a preference.

I am going to look at the Holzher Arcus and also a Biesse Akron. Stiles has their Homag and then there is the Nordson PUR glue system that gets attached to most models.
I thought that the nozzle system seemed like a maybe an alternative to the glue pot and roller system I have used for 25 years.
Many opinions out there.
Thank you

From contributor Da

I have never used a glue pot machine and my Holz-Her is a basic older model (1432 cp/b). While I've been pretty happy with it, I have to agree with Derrek. Depending on the material thickness, the glue head may need to be raised/lowered to center the beads on the panel. A half/partial bead is inconsistent and asking for trouble. Sometimes the material thickness doesn't match well with the beads, the beads are either a bit too close to the edge or a bit too far away (+/- one nozzle hole). Decreasing (peel testing to insure full coverage on the banding)/increasing glue flow helps.

While plugged glue nozzle holes are rare, they are a pain. You can push whatever is clogging the hole out of the way for a bit, but the only way to fix it is to pull the metering rod and soak it in lacquer thinner until the glue dissolves and you can clean it thoroughly.

The only telegraphing I've seen is when using thin prefinished banding on plywood. It's pretty minor and looks like the plys are telegraphing a bit.