Home Show Display


From original questioner:

I will be participating in a home show for the first time and am building some display cabinets for it. I do mostly frameless contemporary and transitional styles of cabinetry and will have two vignettes of these but I am wondering if I should include and island in a more traditional styling. I have heard on this site that some say to display only what you want to build otherwise you will get stuck with work you don't really like. I agree with this but am wondering for business sake if inclusion of a traditional cabinet would be of any value in bringing in more work to make the show worth it, or if I would regret it in the long run. Any thoughts or experiences are welcome. Thanks everyone.

From contributor ja

Build An Island you can Sell at the show, Make it common earth colors with some cool columns and corbels..

Or !! Raffle it for a donation to a local charity, Let some on else take it home !!

Get some good Press out of it,, extend the value of your show cost dolloar and phot every thing including visitors for Ad Use later !!

From contributor ja

Find the local HS shop class and ask them what they need.. they will get students to sell the tickets if they get the proceeds !! Promote Cabinetry in Education,, the news will love it !!

From contributor Ga

Bring lots of pictures also. We have done 4 shows a year for the last ten years and people always look at the pictures.

From contributor ri

My feelings about home shows are pretty negative. Did it twice at the beginning of my career, and was not impressed. You need a nice display, but a lot of people are just there for basically two options. You hope they are there to make contacts as the best scenario, but they are usually there to get free bulk candy, free ink pens, popcorn and to get out of the house for an afternoon. The promoter gets the best money, or some venues that overcharge for running a drop cord for you make out even better. Like I said, negative.

From contributor Ga

Some times we get good leads at a first time show but I have noticed that it takes us 2 or 3 years at a show before we start getting good leads. Some shows are better than others but unless you display at them you don't know which are the best.