Homing a CNC Tool Changer

A brief description of the procedure for homing the tool changer in a CNC that has been shut down for too long and forgotten its settings. June 30, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
I have a 1066 tool changer 2 that needs homed. Can anyone tell me how to home this tool changer to get rid of this error? Itís a Komo vr508.

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From Contributor U:
There is a procedure to re-home the tool changer on a Komo. It depends upon the type of control you have. Can you tell me more on the type of control? The problems come up when the machine has been powered off too long and the backup battery in the tool changer drive got too low. This causes it to lose the absolute position of the encoder. You have to re-home using the spindle and the tool changer. It involves switching some parameters and putting a tool holder in the spindle. Then moving the spindle down to the change position and engage the tool changer on position one. You will end up activating the pneumatic cylinder for push the tool changer into position so position one grabs the tool holder in the spindle. Then you change a parameter and reboot the machine. The machine then grabs the current position of the encoder to use as a reference. Then you will run a test to make sure it works fine. You may have to repeat the procedure.