How Tall is a Lectern?

Bottom line: Adjustable is nice. October 26, 2011

How tall should I build a lectern for a conference room? Is there a standard height?

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From contributor E:
Google "lectern" and you will see that many are 46" tall. Some are adjustable. Also, podium's root word is "foot". You stand on a podium.

From contributor G:
Adjustable is a real help. Short people really hate standing on boxes, and everyone likes the sides of the podium to be just at the right height to grasp firmly with the arms extended in a comfortable way.

From contributor D:
Contributor G is right about height adjustability. I've made a couple of lecterns for local churches, and I've had to remodel them both when the personnel changed. If I was building another, I'd definitely try to incorporate a simple height adjustment mechanism.