Infrared Controls and Speaker Cloth

Will an IR remote control device work through speaker cloth? March 1, 2006

I am building an entertainment center. Is there a speaker cloth that a remote control light will work through?

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From contributor A :
Hafele sells a product that works.

From contributor B:
I don't know if this product works for what you are asking but call them and see. They make a lot of colors of fabric and it's nice to work with - AcousTex.

From contributor C:
I just made some speaker grille doors using acoustically transparent grille cloth. I know you can see through it so maybe remotes can see through it too.

From contributor D:
I would do away with the cloth everywhere except where the center channel is (if you are flushing the TV) and use an infrared system. You can hide the subwoofer (vent through top of toe kick, etc.) and electronics giving a clean cabinet look. The infrared device I use is Xantech Xtralink. RF frequencies are hit and miss in reliability. The Xtralink will work behind the cloth, if next to the cloth.

From contributor E:
You can use an IR repeater. Its the size of a pencil eraser and inputs to any component. They do make them using sound frequency instead of infrared but they are a quite bit more expensive.

From contributor F:
Outwater plastics has woven metal grills that might be an option.