Inspecting a Used Straight-Line Rip Saw

Advice on how to size up a used straight line rip saw. October 14, 2008

I am looking at some used straight line rip saws. What should I look for when purchasing this type of machine? I want to find a machine that we can put to use right away.

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From contributor C:
The first thing to look at is the condition of the chain and track. A new chain, track and sprockets will cost more than the purchase price of many of the used rip saws on the market today. If you feel the grooves in the chain in the return area under the machine, you can tell how much it is worn. You have to assume that the track is in approximately the same condition unless it is at a dealer's where you can ask him to drop the chain so you can look at the track and sprockets.

Oilers are expensive. Be sure that works. Look at the corrugations on the face of the chain. They must be in good shape to hold the lumber without slippage. Check the condition of the guide and the kickback fingers. If you are going to cut glue joints, find out if the machine was used for glue joints. A machine used as a busting saw is not going to be as well maintained. Roller wear, spring condition, saw collar condition, spindle smoothness or lack thereof are all important but harder to check. If the general condition looks good, they are probably okay.

In today's market, as many machines as there are, if I were a user who wanted to make glue joints, I would insist on a trial basis with a money back warranty.