Iron Wood Up Cut Saw Blade Size ?


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hi wood workers this is frank
still working on my buying a upcut saw
I make doors and drawers
does it mater on size of blade 14 or 18
which blade will I get the best cut or it does not mater in blade size
I will get the best blade I can get from ct saw
thanks for the help
I just want no tear out

From contributor Ma


The difference between having a 14" vs an 18" dia. blade on an uncut saw is the width of the board it can cut , not on the quality of the cut.

The Ironwood literature should have that spelled out in their spec sheet on the machine.


From contributor du

The larger the blade the more deflection you might get, or blade wobble. I have a 16" blade and if I cut fast in thicker material, there is usually an uneven cut, slow the cutting or jump speed and the cut improves. Also I have found that material that is more than half of your blade cut capacity will have blow out on the top cut edge no matter the cut speed. With mine a 7" board will not have this where as a 10" one will. Spend the money on really good blades if you are going for finished cuts, I use mine for face frame, door and drawer box parts all the time. Dustin

From contributor fr

thanks dustin
what blade are u use ing
and how much did u pay thanks

From contributor du

If memory serves its a Freud blade.
Hopefully this link works. Sorry for the delay in getting this to you. Dustin