Is There Money in Sawing for Pallets?

Pallet wood is a low-end product, but it can still be a revenue source. December 15, 2005

Any of you doing much sawing for pallets? Any money in that?

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Pallet lumber is a commodity item and unless you can make it in huge volumes at low cost, it's very hard to make a buck at it. Around here, pallet lumber sells for 25-35 cents a board foot. My log costs usually exceed that!

From the original questioner:
That's what I figured. Seems like a lot of work, for very little return... if any.

With my LT40, I only do pallet material to fill in slow times and get rid of junk logs. I don't think I could saw it all the time and eat, too. But it is handy in a slow time.

In my area, pallet grade logs sell for $.18 bdft. You may not get rich, but it will pay the bills.

I saw hardwoods and sell the centers to a local friend who makes and repairs pallets. He pays $.20 for each 40"x3"x .5" board. That comes to about $350/mbf which works good for me, as I have no other use for the low grade in the center of the log, except the firewood pile. Good way to get rid of the low grade stuff right off the saw.