Is a Laminate Slitter Worth It?

Praise for laminate slitters. October 26, 2011

I would like opinions from anyone who has used a laminate slitter such as the Virutex C049K or Marbel LS-7. We would be using it to cut strips for our edgebander. We are currently just running through the tablesaw. Are these machines worth the investment for cutting strips for the bander vs. just using a tablesaw?

Forum Responses
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From contributor D:
Watch the auctions, these come up all the time. We bought two and love them.

From contributor Y:
The slitters are worth the money. We recently picked one up for $500.00 (a total steal).

From contributor S:
Porter cable has an attachment for a laminate trimmer that you use as a laminate slitter. It doesn't go very wide but works for edging.

From contributor C:
I work by myself in limited space, so there’s not much room to manipulate 5x12 sheets. I have both the bench mount Virutex and the hand-held Virutex slitter. I'd rather take the time to walk up and down a 5x sheet that try to do the infeed and outfeed catch at the same time. The bench mount slitter does have a wider throat, but it has hung on the wall for ten years. It does take a tad of skill to keep the lines straight, but skill is what it's all about eh?