Is a Solid Surface Crack Fixable?

Seaming a solid surface countertop over a heat source such as a dishwasher may cause a crack that can't be repaired. March 4, 2009

I need a little help here guys. I installed my first 3cm top from Dovae about six months ago with no problems. Went back to the customer’s house for another job and she informed me the seam had cracked above her dishwasher. Sure enough it is cracked from the front for ten inches.

I was told when I fabricated the top I wouldn't need to put any 4" wide solid surface strips under the seams like I always do on 1/2". Obviously that is incorrect. My question is: what is the best way to fix the crack. It is almost invisible and broke very cleanly with no jagged edge.

They suggest using a Dremel tool and cutting the thinnest groove through the seam possible, drill a hole at the end of the crack, and fill it all with adhesive. When that dries glue a 4" support strip under the seam as usual. I have never had a top crack before and I need some advice from someone who has fixed this type of problem. Thanks for the help.

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From contributor M:
Dremel tool and fill the groove with adhesive? If someone from Chemcore told you that, they are obviously not selling enough material and need to sell you more material you'll need to replace the tops. A Dremel tool doesn't have the power and you won't be able to get a straight line. You can't just "fill the groove" with adhesive, without it showing.

From contributor D:
Not only should you have used a 4" support under the seam you should have never placed a seam over a dishwasher because of the heat issue. Sounds like you might have to take a loss and replace that section of top. Consider it the price of learning.

From contributor H:

I also use Dovae' and unless you have material left from that job, the color will most likely not match – at least that has been my experience with Dovae'.

From contributor A:
Putting a seam over the dishwasher was not good unless you put a very large seam plate, and on 3 cm, seam plates aren't used. Basically you just shouldn't put a seam over a dishwasher, heat, steam and lack of support almost guarantees it will fail. The fix is simple, tear it out and re-seam. Nothing else will work.