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Questions for screening potential hires. March 14, 2005

I'm looking for a job application form to offer to potential employees to fill out. I am in PA.

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Look at Microsoft word templates. I think you will find something there you can use.

I would ask a previous employer (if you are still on good terms) for one to use as a guide. Just remember to be careful about what questions you ask and how you ask them.

You might try your state employment department. They will have one that is approved as non-discriminatory.

I also include an application with the following questions:
1. Why are you applying to our company?
2. How do you spend your free time?
3. What has been your greatest accomplishment?

4. What are some of your strong points?
5. Who was the best boss you’ve ever had? Why?
6. If hired, how long do you expect to work with our company? Why?
7. Why do you think customers hire us for their cabinets?
8. What is customer service?
9. Why do so many small businesses fail?
10. How many 1/8” are in one inch?
11. Which wood is softer: oak, pine, cherry or maple?

How would you handle the following situations?
1. You often work with Bob and he never does his share of the work.
2. You have noticed that Dave took a box of screws home with him yesterday.
3. Some people in the company got a raise and you didn’t.
4. A customer is not happy with the stain color in her remodeled bathroom and wants it redone.

You'll get some interesting responses from the ones ambitious and serious enough to bring it back.