Kremlin Air Pump Teardown and Rebuild

Detailed advice and a video link for taking apart and rebuilding the Kremlin 10:14 pump. June 28, 2013

Regarding a Kremlin 10:14 throat seal replace, can anyone explain how to take the lower section apart and rebuild with a refresh kit? I have the lower off but am not sure how to get the piston out… come out the top, right? Just don't want to break anything. Do I need a gear puller or something to pull on the flange where the c-clip is at the solvent cup?

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From contributor C:
Remove the c clip, then that piece will move downward. I use a socket to drive it down if it is stuck. No gear puller is needed. Piston comes down. The cylinder unscrews.

From contributor H:
- unscrew the three tie rod nuts
- remove the pin that joins the air motor and fluid section
- unscrew lower ball check
- push the piston rod out of the bottom of the cylinder
- put a drift pin in the top of the rod and unscrew the piston from the piston rod (that will leave you with just the plain rod)

- remove c clip from packing
- push down with socket, it will pop out
- clean the interior of the area and unscrew the fluid outlet fitting to clean everything out
- lubricate the o-ring on the cartridge (this part is critical otherwise you will damage the cartridge)
- reattach piston rod to the air motor rod using the clevis pin
- push the piston rod pre-lubricated from the top down and through the packing
- tighten the 3 nuts to the tie rods
- using a drift pin, screw the piston onto the piston rod use a little blue locktite
- then reassemble the remainder of the part

The most important thing is not to push the rod from the bottom to the top. It has to go top to bottom otherwise you will be dropping another 125 bucks or so. Be sure to check the little ball check located inside the piston - it is a small area that is easily clogged.

From contributor H:
One other thing - make sure the packing is facing up when putting it together.