Kremlin EOS-c18 Spray Issues


From original questioner:

I recently purchased a Kremlin EOS-c18 for my business. I have used a Kremlin 10:14 for years and the price was right on the new unit. It worked fine for the first week but now when I start us or switch from a primer to the top coat it slams hard on the downstroke, like there is air trapped in the system. It leave about a 4-5" blank space where no material comes out. I have tried circulating material through the pump but it continues to do the same thing. I called Kremlin's tech dept. and they said I needed to tear down the lower unit to see if the ball had a scratch on it. I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem like this and if there is an easier solution.

From contributor Ji

New Kremlin...... Why should you have to repair it! They should come to you!!

Their service matches their parts prices .....

From contributor Ge


It sounds like the lower ball seal is dirty. I went back to a pressure pot for pigmented product because I could not get the lower ball seal to clean properly by just flushing. I would need to take the bottom assembly apart each time and clean it.

This may not be your problem but it sounds like it could be.
I agree with Jim the price we pay for Kremlin they should make sure it is working for least for the first month anyways ;)


From contributor Le

Just pull it apart. Takes a few minutes. Check to make sure the piston cup isn't full of dried finish. And make sure you don't lose the little 1/8" ball.

From contributor Ji

Thanks for the information. I'll pull the lower unit apart in the morning. Kremlin told me to check and see if the ball was scratched. I'm surprised I'm having so much trouble from a new unit.

From contributor Da

I agree with the above. Problems almost always seem to be in the ball of the lower unit. Make sure you strain your paint and flush every day after use. We use a product from our distributor that is a water base automotive stripper. We put it in the lines at night and then flush it out in morning before spraying. It has seemed to eliminate the problem for the most part. We only have to clean lowers maybe twice a year since we started using it. You get it through your Kremlin distributor.

From contributor he

i can almost gaurantee your ball is not scratch., pull the ball cage apart and clean the seat, good liuck

herb j.

From contributor aj

same setup, same problem. Clean the lower ball, and purchase several extra O rings becuase they seem to tear when removing the lower ball.

From contributor Bi

The C18 is VERY particular about cleanliness. A regular schedule of thorough cleaning the lower tube is in your future.