Labeling Solvent Wash Bottles

Magic marker washes off, obviously. What kind of label stands up to strong solvents? March 16, 2015

We use several different solvents in standard 8-12 ounce wash (squirt) bottles. Basically we use lacquer thinner, denatured alcohol and mineral spirits. Obviously labeling the bottles with a black permanent marker lasts maybe two days before it gets rubbed/washed off. I can find pre-labeled lab bottles on places like Amazon, but they are for solvents we don't use in these squirt bottles (don't need MEK, methanol, etc.). Does anyone have a suggestion?

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From contributor C:
I use a Brother P touch label maker.

From contributor X:
If you can't find the labels, you could just get different colored bottles, and use that as a way to identify them, sort of like gasoline and kerosene cans.

From contributor S:
Do you have any finishes that these will not cut that you can add black to and paint the words on the bottles?

From contributor G:
Black magic marker and then cover with clear packing tape.

From contributor A:
Just buy your bottles from Richaleau. They have their name stamped on it in big letters and when the thinner hits the label it washes off and your hand will turn purple. Even better the caps leak no matter what you have in them.

From Contributor S:
I agree on the Brother P-Touch labeling system. It lasts longer than the bottles last.