Laminate Trimming Tips

Two quick tips on a clean job when trimming laminate edges. December 15, 2005

When trimming laminate, how can I get a clean cut without so much glue and paper backing laying down tight on the edge? I use the type of flush trim bit that has a gap for any glue buildup, so it doesn't so much effect the trimming, but it's a pain to clean off before the top sheet goes on or t-mold (whichever the case may be).

Forum Responses
(Laminate and Solid Surfacing Forum)
From contributor J:
First thing, if you are getting backing rolling over onto the fact, throw that bit out. Use a new bit or check that you don't have the router in reverse. Second, just use a piece of toweling and rub off the extra glue on the face before you trim it. Works well and you do it dry, glue will roll off.

From contributor B:
Try this... before you start to spread the glue on your surface, spread some petroleum jelly on the side edge with a soft rag. After you spread the glue, before it dries, remove the jelly with a new rag. This should help quite a bit. Also, this reduces router burn.