Leg Leveler Lifting Capacity

Use caution when adjusting leg levelers with a screwdriver from inside the cabinet. February 12, 2010

Can black plastic leg levelers, the kind that Blum sells for example, be adjusted from inside the cabinet with a screwdriver, or do they have to be adjusted by hand from under the base units?

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From contributor B:
I use Titus brand from HDL, and in theory they can be adjusted with a screw driver through the top, but in my experience, it's difficult to get enough torque to lift the cabinet, and if you do, to not strip the plastic slot. I'm curious about other brands. Not reaching back and under would be nice.

From contributor D:
Blum does make a model that can be adjusted from inside the cabinet. It requires a 10mm hole bored through the cabinet base, then a plastic cover to hide it. I wouldn't try to raise any cabinet by using a screwdriver in the leveler, the screw slot just allows a fast way to adjust them from the topside.

From the original questioner:
To the original questioner: are you saying that Blum claims that you can adjust these from the inside, but that I shouldn't try?

From contributor L:
I have been using these levelers on a few jobs the last couple years, and yes I have been able to adjust with a screwdriver from inside. You canít turn the leg easily if there is a lot of weight on it, but if you arenít leaning on the cabinet, you should be able to turn the leg to adjust. Itís a lot better than trying to get shims under a cabinet that is going into an alcove, in my opinion.

From contributor D:
You can adjust them from the inside, just don't have too much weight on them. I think four of them are designed to carry over 800 lbs of load. Myself, I certainly wouldn't want to stick a screwdriver in a plastic slot and try to force up 200+ lbs. It's far easier to just reach under the cabinet with your hand and do the final adjusting. Use the screwdriver on the inside just to get it about level.