Liability insurance for on-site milling

Some sources for liability insurance covering sawmilling performed at a customer's location. June 20, 2000

I am in need of insurance that will cover my sawmilling work at the customer's location.

I have asked agents, but they say they have trouble finding a company to write such coverage. There's tree trimmers' and yard maintenance coverage, but no sawyers' coverage. I have theft and fire, but am sure I need liability.

Call Woodmizer. I seem to remember them offering a policy in their magazine at one time, can't remember the carrier though.

Indiana Lumbermens Mutual Insurance in Indianapolis, IN is possibly what you need.
Gene Wengert, forum moderator

If you are in Canada, there is a company called Woodchuck Insurance in New Brunswick that handles portable mills, etc., for about $500 a year, depending on what you want.