Lifting a Widebelt Sander

Advice on locating the lifting points for heavy machinery. August 11, 2009

I just purchased a used Timesaver 37" widebelt sander (green 1990 model). This is my first one that has been this big and heavy. It was shipped on a pallet. I don't see any place to slide the forks under it to lift it off the pallet. Also, it doesn't have any type of hook(s) on the top to allow for hoisting it off from above. I am sure that many of you have loaded and unloaded and moved these type machines around numerous times. This may be a stupid question but what is the safest way to move the sander from the wooden pallet to the shop floor?

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From contributor A:
Pick up and shore each side (a little at a time so it doesn't tip) until you can get forks under it. Put it in place, reverse the process. I left mine up on some blocks so I can get a pallet jack under it.

From contributor B:
It makes you wish machinery manufacturers would smarten up and always provide fork pockets or legs. If they had any smarts they would also have a place for any adjusting tools required, on the machine, or better yet, tool-less adjustments. A pallet jack is a good solution to moving tools.

From contributor C:
I have a similar machine. You can remove the two sheet metal panels below the table and you will find a solid steel beam that supports the jacks. We lifted ours there once.

From contributor D:
Check the top for a place to thread four 5/8" (or so) eye bolts. When I bought my timesavers years ago, it came with these in the top, if I remember correctly. Then you can raise your forklift above it and use straps to lift it off the pallet.