Lipping Planer Operator Technique

A cabinetmaker gets advice on handling a lipping planer with the right touch, so it won't tear up his panels. June 21, 2012

I recently purchased a Hoffmann lipping planer and Iím having difficulty using it well. I set the clearances and tried on a test panel and it seemed to be good. I used it on an actual panel (plastic laminate with 1 1/4" wood edge) and it tore up the laminate in several spots. Any suggestions as to what we are doing wrong?

Forum Responses
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From contributor M:
How flat and consistent is your laminate panel? Sounds like you could be hitting high spots because of uneven glue application or pressure. Can you adjust the fence so that the blade only covers your wood edge?

From contributor L:
Laminate glue-ups are almost never totally flat. Use a fence like the others have mentioned.

From contributor B:
Take some time and make sure that the thing's set up right. I bought mine new and assumed the factory setup was perfect but it turned out one knife was skewed and the other wasn't hitting the work at all. Itís much better now. The outboard handle is an invitation to put pressure out there and pull the cutterhead down. It works more consistently for me without it.