Log Truck Volume

How much wood in a truck-load of logs, in board feet or cubic meters, roughly? October 3, 2009

I was wondering if anyone has any numbers regarding what you would expect as an average volume for a fully loaded log truck. Cubic feet or cubic meters would be helpful. I am located in BC Canada. Thanks in advance.

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From contributor D:
It depends how heavy the wood is but it's usually about 40 meters on a six axle truck in BCs interior.

From contributor P:
Don't know about cu. meters, but a typical fully-loaded 10 wheel log truck here in NH holds about 4,000 BF.

From contributor L:
It depends on the wood weight, but the above estimates are about right.

From contributor S:
A loaded log truck usually gets 5-7M of conifer in the pacific northwest, 32'-36' logs. If they are hauling our local white oak they'll make weight before they are full and generally have to shorten up because we don't have long oak logs. Shortening up reduces the weight further. Get real excited if you can get 4m on a load.

From contributor F:
Contributor S - to haul a legal highway load of our wood, mostly fir, it depends on the truck. A self-loader can hold 32 to 38 meters a load depending on time of year. Spring and summer wood can be a bit heavier as the sap is running! You lose a meter or so.