Lubricating Odd-Sized Fittings

Special grease-gun needle tips exist for lubricating fittings when you can't find the right-sized greasegun. February 25, 2009

I am using a Lobo 6-head moulder. I am having trouble lubricating the machine through the nipples because I cannot find anything that will fit those nipples. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what kind of grease gun I should use?

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From contributor J:
I'm not sure what the name of it is but if you can't find the right gun, they do make an attachment that fits any standard grease gun. It has a needle-like tip. You just push it into the ball of the fitting and it will work just fine.

From the original questioner:
I have looked through Grainger and MSG but I have not been able to find anything that will suit the nipples on the moulder. I even went to some auto parts and AAA tools still without any success. If you can get any further info about that special fitting for those nipples, please do not hesitate to share this info with me. In the meantime, my moulder is on borrowed time without any practical way to grease it adequately.

From contributor E:
Contributor J's idea is probably your best bet. You could get in contact with a Snap-On tool truck and they should have a variety of needle points for lubrication. Stop and ask an auto repair shop and they will be able to put you in touch with the nearest dealer. He will probably have what you need on his truck. They are a little pricey but their tools are of the highest quality.

From contributor L:
Check with commercial chainsaw sellers. The roller nose on the bar will use something similar.