MDF Door Chisel


From original questioner:

I am looking for a squaring chisel to square out the inside corners on MDF doors. I have seen this done but have not been able to find one to purchase. I am not talking about the 1/16" radius bit for a router. If they are not for sale how is one made? Thanks for any help. Andy R

From contributor Jo

Hi Andy,

Look-up "pneumatic squaring chisel" on Google, the first listing "Full House Company" has one very similar to what we used at a commercial door manufacturer that I used to work for. They are expensive ($1500), but they work great.

From contributor Mi

Don't know how well this would work, but I bought a power chisel from woodcraft that might be a thought. Can't remember what the name of it is but its a Japanese name. It comes with several different bits and one of them is square. It reciprocates slightly making it cut with little effort. I use the v-groove bit to distress cabinet doors on rustic jobs. Works well.

From contributor An

I talked with Jason at Full House and he did not think anything they made would fill my requirement. I think the piece they make is for squaring doors with openings typically for glass. It pulls through the opening and makes a radiused corner square. The pneumatic chisel is what I need, I just need the guide block as production will not allow hand working of inside corners. Thanks for your help.

From contributor Mi

This is the very reason I quit making solid mdf doors, I now make a five piece with an mdf panel. Looks much better