Machinery for Making Rosettes

Specialized equipment works better than a standard drill press for cutting rosettes. September 27, 2008

Im who is having success making rosettes. What cutters do you like to use?

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From contributor A:
The best way to make rosettes is using a lathe or a milling machine. Most drill presses are pretty fussy due to lack of feed control. Amana sells a nice set of carbides as well as corrugated HSS for custom profiles.

From contributor B:
I have a set from Amana, works well in my mill but the drill press didn't like it.

From contributor J:
There is an automatic Rosette machine called the Mikron R200 Automatic Rosette Machine. With the consistent feed speed and the spindle RPM it makes rosette a breeze.

From contributor F:
These are difficult on a drill press. Can be done but much patience and a light touch on the elevation wheel is needed. I have done them several times with success. I first hone the back of the cutter to a mirror polish and work the bevels with Arkansas files. I think it helps also to have a drill press with infinite speed dial instead of change pulley speed

From contributor A:
The milling machine works better because you can slowly raise the table up versus quickly turning down the quill.