Making Base Moulding from Engineered Flooring

Suggestions for fabricating baseboard moulding out of engineered flooring, even though the face and core are different materials. October 3, 2011

I am installing 1000 square feet of engineered flooring 0.75in thick x 9 inch wide by 10ft in length. Now I need to make a baseboard out of the engineered flooring. How do I make the baseboard if the wood is not solid throughout? The top will always show through. On top of that, the plank lamella is dark brown but the core and other layers are white! I have four days to solve this to give an excellent product. Does anyone have any suggestions? How will I install the baseboard if the tongue and groove sides are 3 ply with a lamella of 4mm?

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From contributor I:
You can rip the tongue and groove off and then split the board in half to have approx 4-1/4" for the baseboard. Install and then cover the exposed edge with a small cap or shoe mldg. If you need a square edge on top, you could cut a "V" shaped piece out of the back near the edge, not quite going all the way through and fold and glue to make a banded edge.

From contributor Y:
Try using a lock miter on the shaper.

From contributor R:
Another option would be to make some rippings the thickness of the stock. Then rip off the face stock and glue it on like edgebanding. When the edgebanding is thin like that you can use tape to hold till the glue sets. Actually, you could probably glue and pin after the base is installed. You would still have to touch up with clear finish on the edge of the banding.

From the original questioner:
The flooring is oil finished from the factory. I am worried about touching it up because oil and lacquer have completely different feels.