Making Speaker Cloth Doors

Tips on stretching and attaching speaker cloth to door frames. November 15, 2011

I need to make a couple of doors with speaker cloth. In the past I have made a frame out of 1/4 MDF, stretched the cloth over it, and then installed it in the door with retaining strips. The result was okay, but time consuming. I've also tried the plastic backed material from Rockler. Easier to install, but didn't have that nice tight look. Is there a better way?

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From contributor J:
You may have already tried this, but what we have done is the MDF frame like you do. I spray fabric adhesive on the back side of the MDF frame, anchor one side and slightly stretch the opposite side until I like the look. You have to pull the sides evenly to keep the fabric looking straight. I then do the same to the top and bottom. I trim my corners with a utility knife and fold the raw edges under where I can. Typically a friction fit is adequate but have also used the turn buttons to hold the fabric wrapped panel in place. Usually those doors don't get a lot of use.

From contributor M:
We use the screen spline method just like a screen door. Lowes and Home Depot will carry the spline and roller for install. You will need a kerf to set it in - size depends on spline size.