Making Your Own Crackle Medium

Here are a couple of recipe ideas for affordable crackle coatings. November 8, 2007

I am interested in making my own crackle medium. The products that are sold here are bloody expensive and the clients cannot be asked to pay for such expensive stuff. Also, it is difficult to sell any product with such expensive finish. Can anybody tell me how?

Forum Responses
(Finishing Fourm)
From contributor R:
I like hide glue with latex paint sprayed on top. Works great, looks real authentic, and has incredible adhesion.

From contributor C:
Purchase flatting agent, dilute 5 to 10% with med dry thinner, apply with spray or brush. Color and binder can be added to change type of hue and crackle desired. Binder should be nitro or acrylic solvent base finish, again at no more than 5 to 10%, apply over acrylic/nitro color that has been clear coated with at least 1 good coat of gloss acrylic/nitro finish - gives best affect. Most authentic when brushed on small areas at a time, but you can experiment and come up with several different affects with the same product. Flatting agent is available from almost all nitro/acrylic manufacturers or suppliers.