Making a Vacuum Bag Using a FoodSaver

Here's a tip: a "field expedient" method for fabricating a vacuum bag using a shower curtain and a FoodSaver bag sealer.July 15, 2012

I live in a location (military stationed in Japan) where it is hard to get vacuum bags because of size/cost. I also can't get the chemicals to make a vinyl bag out of shower curtains. Enter the FoodSaver. Not for the vacuum, but for the sealing. I took the little clips off the front of the FoodSaver that latch the lid down. I folded the shower curtain in half and laid it across the FoodSaver sealing strip, closed the lid, and did a manual seal. Once done, I slid the material down and sealed again until I made it down to the end. Repeated this on the other side and presto... Vacuum bag. I have now veneered two 2'x4' panels with no issues or loss of vacuum.

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From contributor J:
Necessity is the mother of invention. That is a good idea. Maybe I'll borrow it to try to pleat the bag on my frame press to allow a taller object inside. Glad it works well for you.