Marketing with a Project Blog

A cabinetmaker describes how he creates and updates a blog for each client's project to help garner referrals and publicity. April 22, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
I wanted to share something we've tested several times and are fully implementing. On meaningful projects (important, interesting, high exposure) we create a blog page specific to the project. We email a link for the blog to the client. As the project unfolds, we take additional photos and edit them into the blog. We then send an email notifying the client of the update (with the link of course). This is easy to keep track of because our photos are bundled into project files which are linked to the project and client in our CRM software. By checking the analytics on our site, we've found that folks are sharing (forwarding) the email to multiple people who then click into the blog. They tend to be clustered in our market area and tend to view additional pages on the website while there.

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From contributor F:
I like that idea! One question though, are you concerned that a client with a non-interesting project might be offended their project isn't given the same attention? Just curious if that could be an issue? Otherwise I think it's a very clever idea!

From the original questioner:
I guess that could be an issue if they browse the blog and deduce they aren't worthy. Notice though how neutral the blog is titled and worded. No headers screaming featured project or whatever, and no names.

From contributor Z:
Thanks for sharing that. I have been doing this for years, but only privately with the client. It keeps them excited and in anticipation a well as involved.