Matching a Deep Brown Finish

Suggestions for matching a finish in a photo ó something between dark chocolate and eggplant. June 21, 2012

I am wondering how to achieve the finish shown below. I am making an entertainment center for myself and I just love the color of it.

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From contributor R:
It kind of looks like an eggplant color. Can you find a color at the paint store and have them mix it up for you? The paint store would probably mix it in a latex or an oil based but if you took it to a Sherwin Williams store they might be able to mix it in a quick dry lacquer for you.

From contributor K:
That's a stain. I would start with a cordovan or red mahogany dye stain and get it to max saturation and then do a walnut wiping stain. Then you will probably need to do a toned second seal coat with a mix of walnut and ebony. Samples, samples, samples!

From contributor G:
Looks like black to me.

From contributor L:
Use a dark metal dye stain with a toner/topcoat.

From contributor A:
Use 50 % dark walnut dye and 50 % mahogany dye - two coats. Then American walnut stain, sealer, and a dull top coat.

From contributor U:
I just completed a color similar to this on a furniture repair. It was on a mahogany piece. I used General Finishes Dye Stain "Vintage Cherry" first to get the red under the brown. Then I used Generalís Wood Stain "Brown Mahogany" for the deep color saturation. I finished with Generalís Enduro Clear Poly "Satin". It all turned out great. I use all General Finishes water based products for ease of use and perfect results every time. I've gone green and love it!