Matching a "Ginger" Glaze

A simple schedule using clear vinyl sealer and wipe-on Burnt Umber glaze can provide this requested match. June 28, 2006

I have a customer who wants her cabinets stained with a ginger glaze color. I have not been able to find a supplier with this color glaze. Does anyone know where I can buy it?

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From contributor A:
Chemcraft makes a clear glaze base in both liquid glaze and breakaway glaze that can be tinted with 844 pigments to any color. I would think that other companies do as well. Find a supplier who can do a match for you in this type of product.

From contributor B:
Ginger is just a name. You really need a color that your customer approves, not just a name.

From contributor C:
I just finished a maple set and they wanted a milk chocolate colored glaze, and the glaze needed to be thick in the cracks and crevices. I'm used to spraying on a glaze and then wiping it off. For this job, I used Old Masters Wiping Stain over a couple coats of precat lacquer. I brushed it on wet and then wiped it off. Let it dry overnight and then topcoated with another coat of lacquer. This wiping stain can be tinted whatever you need.

From contributor D:
I've gotten the ginger glaze picture from several customers and it has always been from the same manufacturer, yours may be the same. It is pretty easy. I did over soft Maple:
1. Clear Vinyl sealer
2. Burnt umber glaze, Wipe on wipe off then brush.
3. Clear vinyl sealer
4. Top coat

I used Mohawk Finishers Glaze and E-Z Vinyl Sealer then Post cat Lacquer. Some people like to glaze with wiping stains but glazes usually don't have a binder and it makes them much easier to work with. All of the color comes from the glaze - leave a little line of glaze in the profile and you have it.

From the original questioner:
The Brunt Umber worked great. It matched the picture almost perfectly.

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Comment from contributor E:
I also love the ginger glaze look from Kraft made. I believe it is now called ginger/sable glaze. In any case, this is not a perfect match, but close.

1.) RO 150.

2.) Pre-Stain Minwax water based (Let dry 30 minutes).

3.) EF General finishes Golden Oak 1 coat.

4.) Gloss top coat water based.

5.) General finishes van dyke brown.

6.) Top coat and you’re done.