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Does anyone know of a US source for Megacad?

If you go to their website the home page comes up in English but all other parts of the website are in German. I don't read or speak German !!!

I run Megacad to convert files to a .dxf that one of my suppliers creates in Megacad.

I just built a new PC with Windows 8 64-bit and there is no hope of running the 16-bit copy of Megacad that I have on it. I've tried the primary 16-bit emulator out there (Dosbox) with no success. So it's down to purchasing a new copy of Megacad. However I'm having no luck in locating a US supplier.


From contributor mi

we used megacad for many years for drawings for a template maker. Several years ago they no longer offered support in the US. We switched to turbocad and transferred thousands of the files from megacad. Turbocad is available for a couple hundred bucks locally. We wanted some industry support when we switched, so we purchased the software, training and support from Bob Comer at CNC Technology in Hickory NC. 800-759-6268 . Worked out real well for us.

From contributor B.

That makes sense. From what I've seen Megacad seems to have been used with the Techno-isle knife grinding template CNC machines. That is my situation. My tooling supplier uses Megacad to draw the templates and I occasionally need his drawings.


From contributor Ru

I have used Mega Cad for over 15 years. Here is my Contact email address in Germany, he speaks very good english.
Christian Weymar (
Its a little spendy but I feel this is a user friendly cad system. If you would like to talk mare about it please contact me by phone, Information is on my website.

From contributor Ia

I use megacad daily for our wema cnc lathes, I have recently also started using alphacam, and I personally feel that megacad is much quicker and more user friendly. I believe I will actually write my 2d drawings in megacad and import as dxf into alphacam to transfer to 3d.