Metal Dye Container Leakage

Apparently some dye formulas eat through some metal cans, causing leaks. March 13, 2009

I've had 4-5 cans of microton or ws2 stains spring leaks in the past few months and can't figure out why. It doesn't seem to be related to age or temperature. The most recent one was only two weeks old and everything is stored in a paint cabinet. Also, does anyone have a source for good containers that stains could be put in and labeled?

Forum Responses
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From Paul Snyder, forum technical advisor:
Interesting, I have had a couple cans of their products develop a leak recently (new products). I transferred the contents to empty gallon cans. You can get empty cans from your local home center, paint stores, or coatings suppliers.

From contributor P:
I had the same thing happen. Three gallon cans of WSII Traditional Mahogany, one WSII Rich Cherry and a Cordovan microton over the last 18 months. Every other stain/dye is fine. My supplier replaced or made good on them, but a pain to clean up. Seems the reds eat the cans.

From contributor G:
I've had red dye eat through cans, too. Plastic gallons are better and easier to pour from.

From contributor J:
Thanks for the quick response! It's been the same colors here, plus one American walnut microton. Those dyes are not fun to clean! I was thinking that MLC probably switched to cheaper cans because this has happened so recently. I have used the cans from the local paint store for stains but don't think they would work as well for dyes. Any suggestions on the plastic containers for dyes?

From contributor G:
I got mine from the local plastic shop.