Metal Hanger Rail for Closets

Searching for easy installation hardware for closet-mounted cabinets. June 16, 2010

Anyone know where I can purchase hanger rail for closets? This is a continuous metal strip that you fasten to the wall and then it looks like you make a 45 degree notch in the back of the cabinet sides and units hang only on these notches. It also comes with a cover plate. I always make regular style cabinets when doing closets, but want to try this system.

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From contributor L:
Have you tried Hafele?

From contributor M:
Hafele is where I bought mine in the past. The houses we install closets in lack a few wall studs on occasion, so I have gone back to floor mount. The Hafele system uses a hanger that goes on the vertical, allowing for depth and lateral adjustment. Good feature to have when the horizontal rail is not perfectly level. Search under "cabinet suspension systems."

From contributor A: is the one that uses it. I've tried to find it myself, but no luck. It looks like a good system. I doubt they'll sell you just the rail and cover, though.

From contributor T:
Have you tried Peter Meier Inc?

From the original questioner:
Contributor A, that's what I'm looking for. Looks like a very easy system to install.

From contributor J:
I haven't used that type of rail, but it has always seemed to me you'd have issues when there are waves/bumps in the wall. Wouldn't you need to keep the rail perfectly straight in/out for it to work correctly? Can't really shim it because it's exposed...

From contributor M:
With the Hafele system, you can have some of your verticals stand off from the wall so that the system is hanging on one plane. Doesn't look that great when there is a gap in the back, but every method of installing I have used has this situation when the walls are wavy, etc. None of my customers have complained of this, and once loaded with clothes and stuff, you don't notice it. The mechanical hanger allows for this adjustment.