Milky Haze Problem with Black Lacquer

Quick advice on getting a hazy "blush" out of a black lacquer finish. December 31, 2005

I've been trying to repair the finish on a Chinese black lacquer cabinet. Everything was okay until I topcoated with lacquer. The top went from being black to almost a milky gray tint. Any thoughts on getting a good black gloss finish with no haze?

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From contributor B:
Sounds like a moisture blush. Try this: 1 part lacquer retarder, 1 part lacquer thinner and 1 part your clear lacquer finish. Spray a light coat over your substrate. If this is a blush, it should open your film up. Allow time for the moisture to escape and dry smooth.

From contributor J:
Yes, it could be moisture blush or the blending of adjustment on your air pressure and fluid pressure. Too much air pressure can cause your finish to be hazy or blotchy. Use appropriate amount of air pressure.