Mixing Cups for Colorants

Tips on buying economical (but safe) disposable color-mixing cups. September 11, 2006

I am going through a bunch of plastic mixing cups, pint and quart size. Is there someplace you guys are buying them in bulk?

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From contributor A:
Check Ebay, and do an exhaustive web search for EZ-Mix cups. I think the new lexicon of the day is to "google" the term EZ-Mix.

From contributor B:
I use glass Pyrex 1 cup, 2 cup, and 1 quart measuring cups available at K-mart and plastic disposable 1 ounce cups from Consolidated Plastics.

From contributor A:
OK, here's the hot setup. Use weight to measure out your materials. First you need to buy a good digital scale and that costs money but after that you can use what are called by Dixie HOT paper cups. Do not use COLD paper cups as these are held together with wax and bad things will happen. The HOT cups are very solvent resistant and hold paint (in my case car paint) very nicely. You can buy 300 of them for about $10 and at this price you don't even think about cleaning them. I get them at Costco Wholesale.