Modifying the Pressure Shoes for a Five-Head Moulder

Suggested modifications to give your moulder's hold-down shoe more versatility. September 17, 2008

We have a scmi superset 23 5 head moulder. I was wondering how to approach the pressure plate with various profiles. The plate is not very accessible to be removed for change over, so I was hoping there would be a way to make removable shoes that were
dedicated to those profiles.

What would be the best way to approach this - as far as making them easy enough to change over.
Some things that were suggested:
1. We’re gluing strips as needed to the pressure shoe.
2. Making a wooden shoe to replace the metal one and nailing strips as needed. (This one requires me accessing the bottom of the shoe which is difficult).
3. Attaching industrial velcro and a stop block to either a wooden shoe or the existing one and let the velcro hold the pressure shoe in place and the stop block keep the shoe from slipping out.

Forum Responses
(Solid Wood Machining Forum)
From contributor D:
When I modify the pressure shoe for the Superset 23, I remove the shoe and drill a series of holes parallel to the fence. I would recommend 3 or 4 rows of tapped holes. I then attach either felt or reverse wooden profiles. Caution, make sure that you have not exceeded the adjustment of the pressure shoe. If the addition is too much, the pressure shoe assembly will not adjust up enough.

I have also made new shoes with a dovetail machined from the side of the shoe. This allows the operator to maintain the same (or close) shoe thickness. Make up several wooden or metal dovetails to fit the one in the shoe. Attach felt, reverse wooden profiles, UHMW or other pressure shoe material directly to the dovetail, slide it in and lock using set screws or a simple cam.