Moisture meter for veneer

Finding a moisture meter that can accurately "read" veneer. June 14, 2000

I'm looking for a moisture meter that can be used to measure the moisture content (MC) in veneer (thicknesses of 1/16 to 1/8 inch).

I had this problem six months ago. I ended up going with a Delmhorst meter with interchangeable probes. It seems to be working quite well. I can correlate between a two-prong surface probe and an eight-pin probe, used through several sheets of veneer, quite closely.

The problem with a pin meter is that the meters from some manufacturers are intended for use when the entire pin is inserted into the wood (1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, etc.), so you need to get a meter made specifically for veneer. They do make them.

For the non-pin meter, the thickness is a variable in what readings you get, as well as the MC of the material under the veneer. Some people test veneer with a lumber meter and test many sheets of veneer (on top of each other so it acts like a thick piece of wood) at once.

But there are veneer meters made -- Moisture Register used to make one I used when in the veneer mill years ago, and I believe that it was an r.f. meter. But I do not know if they are still around.
Gene Wengert, forum moderator

You can use a Wagner pinless type moisture meter but you have to make sure you are measuring a stack of 1 inch or more. Another option is a Mini Ligno, which is a pin type.