Moulder Feed Problems 3: Caused by Tooling

A problem-solution checklist chart for correcting moulder feed problems. November 27, 2006

Reprinted with permission from Diehl Machines,

Probable Cause How to Correct

Dull knives.

Dull tooling makes the machine work harder. Keep the knives sharp.

Too heavy of a joint on knives.

When the joint on a knife is more than 1/32" the machine works harder. Never run tooling with more than a 1/16" joint.

Cutterhead on backwards.

Check tooling when installing on the moulder.

Cutterhead not on the machine.

If a spindle is not being used and the cutterhead is not turning, be certain the guides or bed plates are even before and after that cutterhead.

Wrong cutterhead on machine (cutterhead too narrow).

The knives in the cutterhead must cut across the entire width/thickness of the material.

Too few knives in cut.

The fewer knives in a cutterhead the bigger the chip load per knife. When running faster use more knives in the cutterhead.

Too large a diameter on the first bottom cutterhead for the diameter of the reference cutter.

If the first bottom cutterhead is too big in diameter, then the cut made by the reference cutter will not be higher than the reference guide. The material will hit the top of the reference guide.

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Reprinted with permission from Diehl Machines,