Moving Cabinets to Site

Ideas for getting cabinets to the job site and into the building. December 7, 2008

Has anyone found a good dolly or some other way to carry cabinets that would be easier on the old back? Hate to admit it, but not as young as I used to be! Would like to find something that will work on all terrain, and on stairs?

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From contributor D:
A hand truck (2 wheel dolly) with pneumatic wheels.

From the original questioner:
Most of the cabinets are too big for two-wheel dollies.

From contributor R:
The only tool I use to move cabinets anymore is my phone. I realized long ago that I can make more money building cabinets than I can moving or installing them.

From contributor S:
There may not be any one size fits all solution. For moving on hard smooth surfaces, I like custom made flat furniture dollies. Two layers of 3/4" plywood on four good Colson red wheeled casters for fingertip ease of movement. I like my dollies to be larger than pre-manufactured ones and the solid top has way more advantages than disadvantages. All terrain? What, are you on a mountain or something? Actually a pneumatic wheeled hand truck with a custom extended deck is about as trick as I get. For hand carrying look around for a post about using straps for lifting to help save your back. And yes, sometimes a good strong young buck is the best answer.

From contributor M:
Try calling your local moving company. Tell them what you're doing and that you can bring them repeat work. They should make a deal with you. One I use comes to the shop with two men and a truck for $65/hr. They load, deliver and unload. I suggest some supervision though. You can also request a blanket wrap to better protect the cabinets (they supply the blankets).

We paid about $250 for a custom hand cart made of aluminum and extended lifting plate and you can also carry a lot of shelves at one time. Works the best.