Murphy Bed Hardware For King Size Mattress


From original questioner:

looking for murphy bed hardware for a king size mattress , that weighs 150 lbs. and will be installed vertical.

From contributor Az

No Problem.
Either use a hardware kit and build a platform to fit or buy a steel frame platform with the counter balance hardware attached from local distributors nationwide. tech support to walk you through the project if you want or need it.

From contributor Jo

Call CAB in Kentucky. at 1 (877) 966-3852
Tell them your a Cabinet Maker and that you need a Kit for a King Size bed. They will ship you a kit with brown pistons and all the instructions to build a Wall Bed. I've been making Wall Beds full time for 5 years and found the quality and reliability of there system excellent . I have had no call backs only recommendations on my wall beds. It's a all wood system with Gas Pistons. I;ve been building furniture and custom cabinets since 1981 so I'm not new at this game.