Need Doc For Old Brandt Edgebander


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I'm looking for any documentation on a Brandt d1000 edgebander (setup info, adjustments, schematic, recommended glue, etc). Any pointers or info would be appreciated. Stiles doesn't have anything on file and going back to Brandt is not economical.


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that brings back a lot of memories. we bought a brand new one back in 1986 ? I think? Great bander . Easy to operate and adjust. Sorry I don't have any info. I would think use a glue for a slower feed rate about 180degrees
Not much help,

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Thanks Martin

Do you remember the feed path? I will puzzle it out eventually, but any hints would help.

For glue, I have some samples of Jowat 280.30 and 288.60 coming.

The machine appears to have been lightly used; I see little or no wear on the moving parts and all of the bearings I've looked at so far are good, but it was stored at a foundry and it will take a bit to get cleaned up. The feed rollers, in particular, are quite dirty. So far, it's just a matter of disassemble, clean, lubricate and reassemble.

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Hi Paul
Not sure what you mean about feed path? It feeds from the right to left if you are standing in front of the feed chain. Ours was 220 volt 3 phase. It had a guillotine , end trimmers and top and bottom trim. I believe you can only do .7 mm PVC tape. I really can't remember what temperature the glue wheel started. 185 rings a bell. Hope this helps a little