New Edgebander


From original questioner:

We are purchasing a new bander soon and wondering if anyone have experience with the Felder 330 or similar banders. We are looking for a machine we can move around on casters. Also is there a Holz-her dealer in ca?
Any input would be appreciated concerning smaller quality banders. We are downsizing from a large multi station bander because we never used it and only edgeband shelf material for an hour or so a day.

From contributor Da

That Felder 330 will work perfect for you. We have had the G300 for 4 years and have put over 15 kilometers of edgebanding through it. I have edgebaned 1.5" tall x 8' panels, 3mm pvc and 3mm multi layer veneer as well.

From contributor Ev

We have had a Felder G300 for a couple of years now, it is an excellent machine. Nice to know Felder is right there in Sacramento if we need help. If you are in the Bay, feel free to come by and check ours out.

From contributor Aj

Also interested in a 300 series bander. Was wondering what you decided to go with. I was looking at the cantek and fielder. Thx