Options for a High Gloss Opaque White Finish

Thoughts on how to create a durable glossy white finish. June 18, 2013

I have been given an unlimited budget to produce the whitest brightest silky shiny finish for a huge display unit. Finishes I have used in the past for this where pigmented CV (several different brands, but prefer Becker over MLC), pigmented CV then polyester (which I hate, but with 98% solids itís hard to beat, and pigmented 2k Poly's . They all get buffed to a high gloss. I am partial to CV I really don't like 2K and polyester is what it is. I was thinking of using an auto finish but those are urethane's as well. Iím wondering what your personal preference is when asked to produce a very high gloss painted surface.

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From contributor G:
I think you are heading in the right direction when you are thinking of using an enam car paint. I just got done using an aliphatic enam on a hard wood floor of a bar. They were sick of having the floor refinished to only be destroyed in a year or so. I have used this stuff to refinish bathtubs and garage floors. I have never seen it fail and with good wetsanding, you can do great repairs if need be. This stuff is what Dupont calls "emeron" and was developed for jet fighters in the late 50's (at least that is what I have been told). The smell leaves as it cures.

From the original questioner:
I am leaning towards either an 85 sheen Stealth (MLC) then buffed out, or an 85 sheen topcoated with polyester. The automotive enamel for this case is just a little too cold.