Ownership of Custom Moulder Knives

When a customer buys a run of custom moulding, are they also buying the knives you ground to produce the moulding? March 4, 2009

When a customer pays to have custom knives ground to run their profile who owns the knives? If they want them because they paid for them, do they belong to the customer?

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From contributor A:
I’ve run into that issue before. I think it mostly depends on the agreement you have with the company beforehand. Many times when I would bid knives on a job, I would just put the actual cost of the knives without any profit attached. I would do this knowing I have the knives for future jobs and runs. If I was planning on giving the knives to the customer, then I would probably tack on 25% or so. I think the most important thing is to just agree about it ahead of time.

From contributor M:
You are charging the customer the "service" of matching or producing a new moulding, not charging them for a "knife". It is how you sell it. When a customer asks if he/she keep the knife a quick "no" and I usually follow it up with "besides they are specific to our machine". That usually ends it there.

From contributor H:
The knives are yours. What’s the client going to do with them - run them in his moulder or take them to another shop? I always include the cost of the knives in the first order. I tell my clients that future orders of the same profile will be at a lower cost because of repeat business.

From contributor D:
I have run into this and this is how I handle it. If the knives are paid for with my checkbook then they are mine. I explain to the customer that if they want the knives they should find a place to buy them from and also be responsible for sharpening them if they should ever want more stock made. I like to think that my contacts are my intellectual property and are worth something.

From contributor R:
Although everything is negotiable, it is customary and common practice to charge a knife grinding fee for a custom profile with the knives remaining the property of the manufacturer.

From contributor C:
Depending on the size of profile knife just do as I do. Tell the customer yes I can match the profile but I do have a set-up fee that we charge. That way all he/she knows is your going to do the job for set-up plus material and labor. Figure the knives in on set-up and that takes care of them wanting knives because you never told them you did not have the knives in the first place. If they need additional footage, as a repeat customer I will only charge half price of set-up. All others wanting the same profile get charged the original set-up then half price if additional footage is needed.